The My Future Care Handbook is designed to encourage you to think about and make decisions around your future care and end-of-life, much earlier than tends to be the case. It can be challenging to think about these things when what we all really want to do is concentrate on living the best life we can, right now.

On the other hand, not talking about it can cause massive anxiety in our family members who may be called upon to speak for us in the future if we’re no longer able to make decisions for ourselves. And then, if we develop a condition like dementia, we may live for several years depending on others to make decisions for us.

It can be fun! Sally and Nancy went through the Handbook together: “We had a very funny evening last night doing it together with our very different styles of approaching things. We went from being a bit grumpy with each other to laughing a lot!”

We can help our families by clearly recording what we want whilst we still can, for example, about how and where we might be cared for when we need extra support.

To make the conversation easier, the Handbook is as much about living well as it is about having a good end-of-life.

“The Handbook is literally a one-stop-shop for anything and everything future care related. What makes this resource particularly useful is how accessible it is. It takes what is a really tough topic and makes it as easy to address as it’s ever going to be.”      Beth Britton, Ex-carer and campaigner.

There are relevant and useful ideas for everyone to put in place now – as well as help with planning for your later years, that you can do at your own pace and when you are ready.

You can write a bucket list of all those things you still want to do, produce a play list of the music you might like to listen to if you’re unwell, it explains how to do things like writing a will and sorting out power of attorney, it prompts you to have a contingency plan to ensure, for example, your pets are looked after if you have an unexpected stay in hospital.

“The content is invaluable and what price can you put on peace of mind?” Wendy Mitchell, bestselling author living with dementia.

There are a variety of Factsheets with tips on healthy living, the different kinds of housing and care that’s available for people in later life and other topics like financial planning.

The My Future Care Handbook is an easy-to-read jargon-free source of information that helps us deal with those tasks we might otherwise keep putting off.  As our strapline says, plan for tomorrow, live for today!

Discounts available for bulk orders.