Health and social care staff pride themselves on delivering personalised care, but it’s impossible to do that if they know nothing about the person. Creating a free, short and simple profile of your non-medical needs, preferences, likes and dislikes can help them deliver dignified and person-centred care.

You will find a paper version in the My Future Care Handbook or you can create a free Mycarematters profile online which you can update and print out as often as necessary, or view online.

A risk we all face is finding ourselves being cared for by people who don’t know us, for example in hospital, and being unable to communicate our needs and preferences. None of us knows what’s round the corner and in these days of restricted visiting, it may be a challenge for your family to tell staff about the things that matter to you.

A Mycarematters profile provides a way of informing hospital staff and other healthcare professionals about the things you want them to know about you as a person. Information that will help them treat you in a dignified and person-centred manner. It will enable them to see beyond your medical condition, to know more about what matters to you and to avoid mistakes that might happen because you are unable to communicate those things for yourself.

Who is it for?
A Mycarematters profile is of particular value to those with communication challenges, such as those living with dementia, but there may come a time in any of our lives that we are admitted to hospital, for a planned visit or in an emergency and may, temporarily or otherwise, be unable to communicate. A Mycarematters profile  provides the opportunity to tell hospital staff that you drink your tea black, that you have a fear of needles and like to wear socks in bed because of your poor circulation.

Can I create a profile for someone else?
Anyone can create a profile for themselves, or if you are a carer for, or relative of, someone who may benefit from a Mycarematters profile you can create a profile on their behalf. If you do not have a Power of Attorney in place you should have a relationship with the person (eg care home manager or close family) where this is an appropriate action for you to take.

How does it work?
Because it is important that your information is kept secure, the first thing we ask you to do is set up an account. All that needs is your name and email address and for you to create a password.

You have the option of uploading a couple of photos. We recommend that you upload a current picture, and one of your favourites from a past event.

There are then 20 questions to complete in the non-medical needs and preferences section. This is your information, it belongs to you and it is entirely up to you what information you wish to share.

We encourage hospitals to display your profile behind the bed because some of the people who need to know this information: volunteers, housekeeping staff, porters and other non-clinical staff, are unlikely to refer to your filed notes. For this reason you need to keep your answers fairly short so that it all fits on one A4 page.

Key contacts
You have the option of providing two emergency contacts that the hospital can get in touch with if you are admitted. The system provides an easy way for them to send other messages as well, such as when you are leaving hospital to return home.

Further Information
We provide a separate section where you can add further information and upload documents around any thoughts or decisions relating to future care, medications, power of attorney, and more. This is not for displaying behind your bed but is available to all healthcare professionals involved in your care.

How do hospitals know I have a Mycarematters profile?
You will receive an email with a unique code that hospitals need in order to access your profile online, together with your name and date of birth. We provide the option of purchasing items like key fobs and wallet cards that have your unique code printed on them, in our online shop. We currently recommend you take a printout with you in case there is a delay before hospital staff retrieve your profile.

What does it cost?
Creating one profile for yourself or on behalf of someone else is entirely free. You may like to create further profiles for other members of your family in which case you can upgrade to Family Plus for just £15 per annum, and create up to five profiles.

Can I use my Mycarematters profile elsewhere?
Absolutely. We offer a number of ways to display your profile in our Shop.  It is then available for any paid carers, visiting healthcare professionals or ambulance staff to read at a glance.

Can I update my profile?
You can return to your profile and update or amend it whenever you wish and as often as you like. You will need to log in with the email address and password you used to create your account.

The link below will take you to where you can create your free profile:

 Create a free Mycarematters profile