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For individuals...

Introducing the My Future Care Buddy Service

  • Do you want to approach later life with greater peace of mind, knowing that you have thought through and written down your wishes, and you have plans in place?
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed about where to start?

The FREE My Future Care Buddy Service is for you! Your trained Buddy who will help you think about what’s important to you and understand the steps you need to take. There may be a face-to-face service in your area, or we offer up to four phone or online chats with a trained Buddy who will help you work out what you need to do, and how to do it.

You’ll use the My Future Care Handbook, provided free, as a framework for the conversation. It’s packed with practical information, checklists, planning tools and sources of further guidance.

The first step will be to support you to prepare your action plan in line with your priorities. Then set a date for another session with your Buddy so you can discuss progress and agree next steps. Before you know it you’ll have completed those tasks you may have been putting off, or just hadn’t known where to start.

Thanks to the support of our partners we are able to offer the My Future Care Buddy Service FREE, whether you apply yourself or are referred by another organisation.

For groups, community support organisations, health and social care providers, social prescribers...

Would you like to refer people to our service, or give your team the skills to support people to make plans for later and end of life?

You can refer people to our free online Buddy Service, but you may prefer to take advantage of our free training, free Handbooks and free ongoing support programme to enable your staff / volunteers to support your clients to make plans for later and end of life. Our online training will equip them to help your clients make an action plan and see it through, using the My Future Care Handbook as a source of information and structure for the conversation. Ask for more information.

Refer the people you support to the Buddy Service

 Could the people you work with benefit from support with their later life and future care planning? Would you like to learn more about the Buddy Service so you can refer them with confidence? Join a free, online information session to find out how it works. 

Get training for your team

Would you like to offer the Buddy Service directly to the people you work with? Ask as about training opportunities for your staff or volunteers, so that they can upskill as my Future Care Buddies.

Thanks to the support of our partners we are currently able to offer this as a free service.