We spoke to April Yasamee about the work of the Ageing Without Children group in Hastings (AWOC Hastings), which is part of the national campaigning, information and support organisation, Ageing Without Children (AWOC).

AWOC Hastings provides regular meetings and information sharing amongst people without adult children living nearby. The group aims to prepare its members for older age when their mental and physical abilities might be diminished.

April has completed our My Future Care training and has started sharing the My Future Care Handbook as a guide for supportive conversations about later life and future care planning.

The number of people over 65 without adult children is set to rise from over 1.2 million to 2 million by 2030. So, if you support people in this age group, April’s insights are likely to be relevant to you. Let’s see what she has to say.

What challenges do your group members face when it comes to making plans for later life?

We have to face the complicated processes and decisions involved in making later life plans without close family back up. This is especially difficult for older, single people and those without extended family or trusted support.

We tend to lack awareness of the kinds of support available. When we do find care services and legal support, knowing how to navigate them by ourselves is also a significant challenge.

More than anything, we feel the pressure of taking responsibility for these decisions alone. 

How do you hope that the My Future Care Handbooks and support will help you better meet people’s needs?

We hope it will help us understand the decisions and plans that will enable us to maintain our chosen independent life-styles in our homes.

We see it as a valuable tool for considering our future plans for care.

Supportive sharing of the Handbook meets our needs by raising awareness of topics we hadn’t thought of before and giving us the confidence to action them.

Feeling motivated by April’s story? Would you like to upskill your team to support people in making plans for later and future care?

Take advantage of our free training and ongoing support programme. Our online training will equip your team to help the people you work with make an action plan and see it through, using the My Future Care Handbook as a source of information and structure for the conversation. Handbooks are available free in certain areas (thanks to area-specific funding), otherwise bulk prices are available.

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