Each month we pay a visit to one of our trained Buddies to find out how the My Future Care Buddy Service is helping them make a difference in the lives of the people they support.

This month we spoke to Deb Pierson from Thinking Differently About Dementia, a 3-year National Lottery funded project delivered by Agewell and Dementia Pathfinders, which provides community support for people in Sandwell with mild or moderate dementia and their family carers.

What kind of support does Thinking Differently About Dementia provide?

We support people in their own homes on a one-to-one basis as well as at our two meeting centres, our DEEP group and our DeCafe. All these settings provide a safe and supportive place for people who are in the same boat.

At our meeting centres, people with dementia can enjoy the company of others and join in with a programme of physical, social, creative and cognitive activities.

At our DEEP group we support equal opportunities for all voices to speak and be heard on what matters to them. Our DeCafe is a relaxed café for people with dementia, family and friends to come together for lots of chatting, advice and fun and games.

How is the My Future Care Buddy Service helping you to meet people’s needs? 
I have held several sessions at a local extra care facility where I gave a presentation and shared insights about the My Future Care Handbook.

I have also provided a number of one to one sessions with the family members of people living with dementia using the Handbook as a guide.

What difference is the My Future Care Buddy Service making?

These are words of a lady I supported, whose father has Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

“I was approached by Deb and invited to look at the My Future Care Handbook. I had a couple of sessions with Deb where she gave me priceless advice on how to fill it in with my Dad.

“Over a period of time, when my Dad was having brighter days, we went through it together. Some of it I found daunting and if I’m honest I didn’t like some of his answers as I would not have made the same choices, but they were my father’s answers and reflected what he wanted. I learned a lot. We persevered and worked through the book.

“Not long after the book was filled in, Dad was taken ill and hospitalised and then had to have 24 hour nursing care in a residential home. I was devastated and overwhelmed by the questions that needed to be answered.

“All of the answers were in the My Future Care Handbook. I let the hospital and then the care home copy the book so they had full access to my Dad’s likes, dislikes and wishes. The book let them know who my Dad is. It’s been a godsend. “Having this book has taken away the difficult choices and the pressure of
remembering all of his likes/dislikes/preferences etc. It covers everything everyone needs to know.”

Thank you Deb for sharing your experience and this powerful story! 


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