We are proud to say that the My Future Care Handbook and Buddy Service were evaluated recently by the University of Brighton and found to be “highly effective”.

As part of the RISE Project that provides access to University expertise, researchers gathered feedback from potential users of our Service in locations including a line dancing club, an art class, community coffee mornings, a bowls club, walking groups, and a fitness class.

The interviewees gave the following excellent feedback:

  • The Handbook is detailed, accessible and attractively presented
  • It prompts people to consider scenarios they had not previously thought about, and to find out about documents they did not know existed
  • It has an easy-to-understand tone, and this would help to reduce confusion or misunderstanding about the matters covered and their importance
  • Interviewees with healthcare or social work backgrounds spoke positively about the My Future Care Buddy Service. A typical reaction was that they wished it had been available to them and their patients/clients.

The team at Brighton University also gave us valuable suggestions for expanding and broadening our reach. We are grateful for their support!

If you like the sound of our FREE Service, contact us to find out if there is a face to face support in your area. Or we can match you with a Buddy who will work with you through telephone or video calls wherever you are in the UK.

Buddies use our My Future Care Handbook as the framework for their sessions. It’s packed with practical information, checklists, planning tools and sources of further guidance. When you work with a Buddy, you will receive a copy of the Handbook to refer back to time and again.

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