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My Future Care Handbook, 3rd edition (Sept 23)

Interactive workbook with the information and forms you need to help you plan your later life.

Over 70 A4 pages packed with information in order to make, record and share decisions about your future. A one-stop shop for all things related to later life and beyond, from compiling a bucket list to writing a Will, from creating a music play list to considering where you want to live and/or be cared for if you need support, and much, much more. Links provided to further online resources for those wishing to use the internet.

“I can’t recommend this strongly enough. Whether for an ageing relative or for your own information, education and action, it cuts through red tape to focus on decisions you might want made on your behalf if/when you can’t.” 

Neville, bought 3 copies for family members

“This is absolutely what everyone needs.” 

Jacqui, living with a life limiting illness

“This is a really great resource. Accessible and simple to follow with some important wins just by working through the book. We loved it.” 


The My Future Care Buddy Service

Do you want to face later life with greater peace of mind, knowing that your wishes are understood and you have plans in place? Feeling confused and overwhelmed about where to start? The FREE My Future Care Buddy Service offers up to four phone or online chats with a trained Buddy who will help you work out what you need to do, and how to do it.

Mycarematters Profiles

Health and social care staff pride themselves on delivering personalised care, but it is impossible to do that if they know nothing about the person. Creating a free, short and simple profile of your non-medical needs, preferences, likes and dislikes can help them deliver dignified and person-centred care.

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